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Hello everyone out that. whether you have just accidentally found this site or you were looking for it, you have reached my lovely website:). This site will focus on the Series Buffy and the relationships of Willow and other female characters if you find this offensive or you are below the age of 18 then please do not read any stories or continue on this site, thank you.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Buffy and all things afflicted with Buffy is owned by other people who have bigger brains and more money than me (Joss and the WB, or whoever owns it now:S) so don't sue because i am poor and i have a small brain.

Hello there
This site is now up and running:) all that I need is more fanfiction and people to actually come and view the sight..........

I finally realised why no one can send me an e-mail, it is because Freeserve has removed the capability from website which is completely fucking annoying so i am very sorry, i can get it back if i pay 5.99 a month and i don't want to its bribary i tells u. anyway i am very sorry about this please cut my adress into an e-mail and send me one cos i like to think other ppl rather than me read the fanfic :)

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If you would like to send me any submissions please send them to the adress below don't worry about spelling ect i will check all of that, and don't worry i will not tamper with any of you stories I will rate them though if you don't know what rating to give or if i think the rating you have given is too high or low,:)