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Nobody seemed to want to answer my Challenege (cries) so i answered my own, sad i know :) anyway here it is, Challenge 2 by the way Faith/Willow all speaches are in represented by / because i kept gettin symbols when doin proper speach marks:(

Chapter one

Willow looked again at the test results: positive, she faintly heard the doctor talking to her but couldnt take it in. /Sorry I I didnt hear what you said/, the doctor looked sadly at the young girl in front of her, she had to give news like this out so often, but yet it never got any easier. She smiled softly at her /Do you have any questions about the results/ Willow shuck her head slowly she knew that the test were conclusive /How long have I got?/ it was said clinically to the point yet it made her want to be sick, she was going to die, not by some demon or by helping her friends, just from this. /About 6-12 months depending on how fast the illness attacks your body/. Willow nodded slowly at the doctor a small smile appearing on her lips which was more chilling that consoling /Willow would you like me to call anyone, family, friends to pick you up or just be here for you/
/No, thank you, I think I need some time to take it all in/
/Thats normal Willow, but you should tell someone soon they need to be aware in case there is any complications/
/I will, thank you/
/You have my phone number, if you need to phone me about anything, please do/ Willow nodded again, she was an autopilot her body moved her out of the doctors room down the hospital corridor and out into the car park she didnt know what she was doing or where she was going. If anyone had seen her then they would not have thought anything much about the young red head driving through the traffic but Willows mind was screaming in panic and confusion unseen on her calm exterior.

Faith looked at the outside of the building it was nicer than the last one definitely bigger, she had been standing there 10 minutes she told herself it was that she could admire the new office, but she knew she was scared, scared to death if she was really honest. She knew that Angel may be happy to see her but Cordelia and Wesley well she really didnt know about them. /Com on girl you have faced demons you can face Cordy, ok maybe you cant but you have to so open the door/ She breathed in and entered perhaps a bit to fast but she was in there now. /Faith/ Angel nodded towards her not making a fuss which she knew he wouldnt Cordy to his left stared at her /Hi Faith they let you out, so……………need any help because we do help the helpless/
/Cordelia!/ Angel stared at his assistant Cordelia gave a far to cheery smile at her boss /Well we do, she came to the right place/ Faith smiled this was Cordelias way of making her a part of the team, she new the brunette didnt like her possibly even hated her, but she also knew that Cordelia was not going to kick her out. /yes well/ Wesley stood next the counter nearest Faith /You should sit down, I will get you a drink…is coffee ok/ Faith smiled brightly a sincere smile that still held some of the old charm as Angel would later call it. /That would be five by five Wes/.

/Dawn where is Willow?/ Dawn looked at her sister she had been waiting for her to come in and as usual she was late /She is in her room, she looked pretty shaken up after…you know/ Buffy nodded sympathetically at her sister /Yeah I do/ Dawn smiled and drew Buffy in to a hug /Ill go and see her/
/Yeah that would probably be a good idea/
Buffy began walking up the stairs she could here Willow pottering about in her room she knocked on the door when there was no reply she slowly opened the door, Willow was putting stuff into a suitcase alarmed Buffy spoke /Willow …what are you doing/ Willow spun round quickly and smiled rather to happily at Buffy /Hey Buff…how you doing/
/Im doing fine Will/ Buffy said cautiously /How are you doing/
/Im fine… nothing to worry about why do you ask/ Willow said far to happily /Because of what to day is Will, and what is with the suitcase/ Willow looked bemused for a second wondering if Buffy had realised, then she realised to what Buffy was referring to /Im going for a little vacation nothing major just a little week-end trip maybe a bit longer/
/Are you sure you want to go Will, I mean you usual get upset around now, because of, because/ Willow looked downcast at her suitcase as she slowly spoke /You know Buffy you can say it/ Buffy looked sadly at her friend putting her hand of Willows shoulder /Because its Taras anniversary/ Willow looked up sincerely at her friend /I know Buffy, but I am not going because of that, honestly/ Buffy looked sceptically at her friend
/If your sure Will…where are you going then/ Willow looked down at her feet she had to tell Buffy, she would find out sooner or later anyway /I am going to LA, staying at Angels/ Buffy looked shocked for a moment before giving one of her own far to happy smiles /Itll be good for you Willow, say hello to the guys for me, Cordelia, Angel…and erm Wesley of course Wesley/
/I will Buffy, thank you/ Buffy smiled at her friend Before helping her move her suitcase /You staying for dinner I mean its Dawns first meal back after college/
/I wouldnt miss it for the world/.

/Hey…/ Faith smiled at Cordelia /what you up to then/ Cordelia looked at the dark slayer though she guessed she may have to stop calling her that now, Faith looked different slightly nervous which was a knew thing in Faith /Nothing much just waiting for the phone to ring or the PTB/
/The PTB…/ Faith looked at Cordy a slightly puzzled look on her face
/Oh the Powers that be, they send me visions let me know when things are up…in fact/ Cordelias body went slightly rigid before falling to her knees grabbing her head in her hands /Argh…Willow/
/Cordelia whats wrong… what about Willow/ Faith ran and held Cordelia in her arms uncomfortable at the gesture but more worried about the brunette in her arms /Angel!/ Angel ran into the room moving Cordelia on to a chair nearest to him /Faith its a vision dont worry…Cordelia what are you seeing/
/Willow/ Cordelia was hit by another wave of visions /Argh…shes in trouble…pain oh god!/ and as quickly as it started it finished Angel stood next to her shocked, /I need to go to Sunny Dale Ill be back tomorrow/
/Angel wait!/ Cordelias voice was calm but determined; /You cant its sunny wait until later. Wesley phone Buffy, tell her to be on the look out in case anything is out to hurt Willow. Faith/ Faith turned around shocked that she had been mentioned in this knowing that she would be unable to phone Buffy and that it was unlikely that Willow would want her help anyway, /can you please get me an aspirin my head is killing me/
/Oh yeah sure …/
/Thanks a lot Faith/ Cordelia said sincerely, Faith smiled walking off to get the aspirin.

Buffy sat watching telly her kid sister nest to her, Dawn hadnt reacted well to the news that Willow was going off when she had only just got back but when Buffy had quietly spoken to her she knew that it was the best thing for Willow she needed sometime to herself. /Do actually watch this kind of stuff when I am away/ Buffy smiled at her sister
/Well I have to do something when your not around dont I/
/Sarcasm never really suited you, you know/ Buffy stuck her tongue out at her sister /Shut up and watch the telly/
/When did Willow say she was going to be back/
/she didnt really, a week-end maybe more/
/Buffy dont you think we should of heard from her already I mean it has been three days she should be back right, if she was only gone a week-end/
/Dawn Willow is an adult now/ Buffy said in mock sarcasm
/Buffy I am serious/
/I know, but she needs time it gets hard for her around this time we should respect that/
/Yeah I know but I mean it wouldnt hurt to phone up Angel and check that everything is ok I mean she wouldnt mind/ Buffy sighed at her sister about to tell her no when her own worry for her friend came to haunt her, it wouldnt hurt just to check make sure it would hurt no-one/
/Okay but if Willow is angry I am going to blame you it was Dawns turn to stick her tongue out /RING RING/ Buffy picked up the phone /Oh hi Wes I was just about to ring you…Willow, I dont know how she is shes there with you…Shes not oh god…Ill be there before nightfall/

Faith looked at Wesley /is there something up Wes/ Wesley walked slightly worriedly over to the small crowed assembled near the front desk /Its Willow/ Angel stood up suddenly looking at the former watcher
/What Wesley/
/Shes missing/
/Uh Guys/ Faith looked at Cordelia then followed her gaze, /I think we just found her/
/Hi guys did I miss something/

/Well your okay thats all that matters … where were you Will?/
Willow shifted uncomfortably in her seat /I wanted to get a look around first, before I came to visit you all/; Cordelia seemed satisfied with this answer though Faith looked like she could do with some convincing. That didnt surprise Willow no matter what Faith was she was usually perceptive. /So when did you get out of Prison/ Faith looked at the red head nervous about how the question was meant, but to Faith surprise she saw only affection in Willows eyes no resentment or blame. /The other day/ Willow smiled and nodded at her there Faith couldnt help smiling back and for a brief moment she saw something in Willows eyes but in a moment it was gone /I got off the phone to Buffy/ Willow gave a sigh of relief she didnt know if she could cope with Buffy being around at the moment and she didnt think that Buffy being around Faith would help her situation at this moment in time /Im surprised you were able to catch her/
/As am I/ said the former watcher /She was just heading out of the door when I called she said could you phone her later so that she could yell at you for worrying her/
/Still under Bs thumb I see/ Faith cringed at her own comment why did she have to say it, Willow was being genuinely nice to her /Only on week-days/ Willow smiled at Faith sensing her sudden nervousness Faith smiled back again more from shock than anything else. /So Angel is it okay if a stay here with you guys for a few days/ Angel nodded
/Of course it is Willow, any preferences of where you would like to sleep/
Willow shuck her head /Okay then I will take you to a spare room then/