I will put challenges here every week to do with an occasion for instance if it is near Christmas i may put a Christmas one on there...or i might just randomly pick one you no how it goes.

Challenge one
Willow becomes pregnantand Buffy or faith (depending on who is in the story) has to decide how they are going to cope. the child can either be Buffy's or faith's or someone else i do not mind aslong as it is not totally depressing

Challenge (almost shockingly) two
Willow gets told se is very ill it has been a few years since she has seen Faith, and as she is Willow she wants to make amends with the lost slayer before her end comes (Buffy may be used instead of faith using a slightly different concept if you wish), but she falls in love yada yada and can not tell faith that she is fill in:) pls pls pls pls write to either one of my challeges i really want to read how they go plus i need stories to post on my site :D